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Why Did My AC Freeze?

One the most common AC repairs you can face is frozen AC evaporator coils. Often referred to as a frozen air conditioner, this malfunction happens a lot more frequently than you might think – especially living in San Antonio with hotter than average temperatures.

Luckily, Climate Magic is prepared to get your AC back in working order as soon as possible in the event of your coils freezing. Plus, we want to share what a frozen AC really means, how it happens and the best solutions to troubleshoot this AC repair yourself!

What Makes An AC Freeze?

The term ‘frozen air conditioner’ does not actually mean that your AC unit is covered in ice. Inside your unit there are coils that are responsible for funneling refrigerant back and forth to cool your air. These coils can build frost or ice under the right conditions, making it impossible for the refrigerant to absorb and dispose of heat. This can cause several issues in your HVAC system – usually culminating in a failure to cool your home’s air.

Causes of Frozen ACs

There are several conditions that can lead to frozen coils, most of which can be prevented with professional yearly tune-ups or DIY AC maintenance by homeowners. 

  • Dirty Air Filters – When the flow of warm and cool air is interrupted by clogged filters, the refrigerant in your system can’t change between a gas and liquid as it’s supposed to. This puts strain on the AC system and can cause frost to form on the coils.
  • Drain Line Blockages – Lines designed to funnel moisture out of the AC system can become blocked. This means excess condensation stays inside the unit and can form ice on the coils.
  • Mechanical Malfunction – If a motor or fan fails to move the warm air out of the unit properly, the temperature fluctuation can lead to ice forming on the coils.
  • Dirty Coils – With air moving through the unit every day, tiny particles of dust and dirt can attach themselves to the coils and form a grime. This grime can cause moisture to stick and freeze over time.
  • Refrigerant Leaks – Low levels of refrigerant caused by undetected leaks throw the system into disarray and can cause frozen coils.

How Can You Tell When Your Evaporator Coils Are Frozen?

Now that you know how your AC freezes up, you need to be aware of the signs your unit shows when it is having trouble with this malfunction. Keep your eye out for any of these symptoms:

  • No airflow
  • Warm air blowing
  • Moist air filters

If you start to see these signs in your home, you likely have frozen coils that are impeding the AC system from completing its job successfully. Your AC unit needs to be turned off until the proper steps can be taken to remedy the situation. 

DIY Frozen Coil Solutions

As a homeowner, you can attempt to solve your frozen coil problem a couple of different ways. If you don’t feel comfortable completing these steps or they don’t work, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly professionals at Climate Magic. 

Natural Thawing

Make sure your cooling cycle is off and allow the fan to remain on. This means that ‘COOL’ or ‘AUTO’ must not be selected on your thermostat. The fan will just move warm air around the system. This may not be comfortable for you, but the warm air will slowly start to thaw out the frost on your coils. 

Accelerated Thawing

If you are handy enough, you can locate the panel on the side of your AC unit. Find the frozen coils inside and use a safe device like a hairdryer to slowly warm the affected area until the ice is gone.

Do not attempt to turn the system back on until all of the ice is completely gone!

Professional San Antonio AC Repair Services

Our team at Climate Magic is fully prepared with the tools and knowledge needed to get your cooling unit back up and running. Count on us to get the job done right and provide an excellent customer experience. If you need assistance with a frozen AC or any other AC repair, contact us today!

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