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When Is It Time To Replace Your AC?

Here in San Antonio we can’t imagine a sweltering summer without our trusty air conditioners at our side. The ability to keep our homes cool in the face of extreme temperatures is one of our priorities, but eventually your AC may start to falter. Maybe your cooling system needs a simple AC repair, but when is it time to cut ties with your old unit and pursue an air conditioner replacement?

Climate Magic is here to share the signs you should look out for that mean your AC system is running out of juice. Keep reading to learn more about the best time to replace your AC unit!

Top Signs You Need An AC Replacement

There is no one way to tell when your AC is ready to be replaced – other than it breaking down completely and leaving you scrambling for a quality AC installation. That’s why it’s important to know the range of indicators your air conditioning unit may exhibit when it’s on its last legs.


First and foremost, you should be aware of how old your HVAC system is. AC units are only designed to last 10 to 15 years and can deteriorate faster according to how well they are maintained. Once your unit reaches the magic number 10, most repairs and malfunctions it experiences will not be cost effective. However, it’s still a good idea to get a professional AC specialist’s opinion in case your unit has a few good months or years left in it.

Frequent Repairs

Not only can AC repairs feel like a waste of money on a deteriorating system, but frequent repairs can add up to cost you far more than a simple AC replacement. It’s important to know that as your AC unit continues to age, the repairs are only going to be more likely to occur. If you have paid for multiple AC repairs in one year, it may be time to think about an AC replacement.

Decreased Efficiency

When your AC unit ages, its ability to keep your air cool on the same amount of energy will start to decline. This means that your unit has to use more energy to achieve the same temperature in your home. You may notice a steady increase in your energy bills every month that reflect that higher consumption of power. This is just another area where your AC could be costing you more money than you suspect!

Decreased Comfort

If you’re attuned to your AC’s performance, it probably won’t be difficult to tell when it starts delivering warm or inconsistent air to your home. These symptoms could be signs of AC repair, but they could also indicate that your AC is struggling to perform like it used to. Time wears down on all the components within your cooling system, so be on the lookout for the inevitable loss of efficiency from your AC unit.

Expert San Antonio AC Installation

If you’re in need of a new AC system, don’t waste time with unreliable AC contractors. Climate Magic is the HVAC installation company you can trust to replace or install your AC unit effectively. For all your AC services, call Climate Magic!

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We are loyal customers. Anytime we have had A/C issues, Climate Magic has been very responsive. Martin took good care of our system even though we were overdue for a new unit. When we were finally ready to upgrade, they were able to schedule us in quickly. Peter and Ernie did a fantastic job on our new install! They are very knowledgeable and thorough. High quality company.

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I have used Climate Magic for many years now and have always had positive experiences. I get a reminder call when it’s inspection time, and messages letting me know when my technician is on the way with a picture of who is coming. Carl Banta usually services my unit and is always friendly and professional. Thank you Climate Magic!

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Climate Magic installed my a/c unit years ago! They have been professional, courteous and prompt to fix any problems I have had over the years. The latest was last week when my a/c stopped working in 100+ degree weather! My technician was there in about an hour, and the unit was fixed within an hour. Thank you for keeping me cool!!!

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