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Common Commercial HVAC Questions

June 28, 2021 | Blog

There may seem like many unanswered questions about your HVAC system, especially when it is too late and you need immediate repairs and answers. Your favorite San Antonio air conditioning service, Climate Magic, is here to help answer those questions before problems arise.

How long should my HVAC system last?

When your typical system costs several thousand dollars, you hope you are making a good investment for long-lasting results. An HVAC system is just like a car because it needs the same regular repair in order to ensure all of the parts are operating properly. On average this system will last 10 -15 years with no repairs, but could last 20+ years with the proper maintenance. These statistics also apply to a commercial furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, and boiler.

Are high efficiency systems worth it?

A high efficiency HVAC system can be more expensive, but definitely worth it in the long run. The dramatic decrease in monthly costs from a high efficiency unit will make up for that extra investment on the system altogether. Many customers say that they save the amount of money they spent initially on the system way before the halfway point of owning the system. If this isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe a cooler, more comfortable home will do the trick.

When should I change my air filter?

Generally, air filters should be checked every month in order to keep up with their condition but do not need to be changed until visibly dirty. These filters not only keep many unwanted particles from entering your home like dust, pollen, and fibers but they also contribute to the necessary airflow for your HVAC system to run properly. Especially in the Texas summer heat, HVAC problems can be dangerous for families and pets. A dirty air filter can permanently damage an air conditioning system, so proper maintenance is necessary for many different reasons.

How often should preventive maintenance take place?

Preventive maintenance may sound unnecessary, but it could greatly increase the lifespan of your unit. Not only does it keep it running for longer without breaking down due to miscellaneous damages, but also keeps it cost efficient for your monthly spending. It will also keep the maintenance to a minimum instead of costly repairs or even full replacements. Commercial units work harder than residential units, so doubling the number of check-ups and maintenance is suggested to keep it running properly.

Should I check my ductwork?

Maintaining a frequent check and maintenance to your ductwork is not only important for your comfort, but also your wallet. All of the air runs through this system so any problems or leaks can result in a dramatic increase in your utility bill. In order to prevent leaks, ensure that they are fitted tightly.


Climate Magic is the most reliable, award-winning HVAC contractor in the San Antonio area. If you need assistance with your unit or have any more questions regarding your HVAC system, then we are happy to help. We offer premier HVAC repair, installation, and tune-up services that could help lower that pesky utility bill today!



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We are loyal customers. Anytime we have had A/C issues, Climate Magic has been very responsive. Martin took good care of our system even though we were overdue for a new unit. When we were finally ready to upgrade, they were able to schedule us in quickly. Peter and Ernie did a fantastic job on our new install! They are very knowledgeable and thorough. High quality company.

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I have used Climate Magic for many years now and have always had positive experiences. I get a reminder call when it’s inspection time, and messages letting me know when my technician is on the way with a picture of who is coming. Carl Banta usually services my unit and is always friendly and professional. Thank you Climate Magic!

Lynne C.

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Climate Magic installed my a/c unit years ago! They have been professional, courteous and prompt to fix any problems I have had over the years. The latest was last week when my a/c stopped working in 100+ degree weather! My technician was there in about an hour, and the unit was fixed within an hour. Thank you for keeping me cool!!!

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