Poor efficiency is just one of the signs you need your AC replaced.

What’s worse—going without heat when it’s cold, or going without air conditioning when it’s hot? We’d argue that the latter is worse. When it’s cold, you can pile on blankets and jackets if needed. But when it’s boiling hot outside and your AC has stopped working? The situation isn’t going to resolve itself if you sit around and do nothing about it. You need to call a trusted, local HVAC company for AC repair.

You can avoid this situation altogether by staying on top of your air conditioner tune-up schedule, maintenance plan, and warranty. But if you suspect your air conditioner is on its last legs, it’s probably time for a brand-new unit. Buddy’s A-1 Air Conditioning & Heating installs Carrier and Trane units, bringing you the best in home comfort and cooling. When you choose to upgrade to a new air conditioner, you can say goodbye to high energy bills, strange AC noises, and frequent breakdowns.


Besides the incredibly obvious signs like smoke coming from your unit or a total breakdown where nothing is working, here are some of the not-so-obvious ways your AC is telling you it needs to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Your home takes longer to cool down than usual
  2. You hear strange or loud noises coming from the unit
  3. Your energy bill is much higher than usual
  4. The rooms of your home are cooling unevenly
  5. You notice unusual start-and-stop patterns of cooling in your home
  6. You haven’t had a professional AC tune-up in several years

When you upgrade to a brand-new Carrier or Trane air conditioning unit professionally installed by the team here at Buddy’s A-1, your home will be more comfortable and run more smoothly. Here are some other benefits of replacing your old air conditioner with a new, upgraded system:

  1. Improved cooling throughout your home
  2. Less time and money spent on repairing the old unit
  3. Greater energy efficiency and lower energy bills
  4. Peace of mind knowing you have 15-20 years of comfortable cooling in your home ahead of you

High energy bills are often the “canary in the coal mine” that something is wrong with your air conditioner or that it’s experiencing its last days. Air conditioners generally become less efficient as they age, and often extremely inefficient if there is a significant problem. Be sure to pay attention to your monthly bills. By upgrading to a Carrier or Trane unit, you can expect the best in all-around comfort and cooling. Buddy’s A-1 Air Conditioning & Heating even offers financing with approved credit on these new systems.


You should be receiving annual maintenance on your air conditioner. If you have a heat pump, homeowners should have that type of system checked twice a year—once before summer and again before winter. At the bare minimum, you should receive an annual tune-up, even if nothing seems to be going wrong with your system.

With regular maintenance, most AC units last about 15-20 years. When you skip years in-between tune-ups or go a while without having a professional out to inspect your unit, that’s when you lose years on your unit. If you treat your air conditioner poorly, you could need a replacement system in as little as 10 years.

A brand-new unit can not only improve your home’s comfort level, but it can also improve your home’s resale value. If potential buyers down the road know that you’ve installed a newer AC unit, they’ll be more likely to put in a generous offer on your home.


When you pull out the toolbox or duct tape to fix your air conditioner, that’s where the problems begin. You may be a handy homeowner, or maybe you’ve found a great YouTube clip that explains everything—but you’re most likely going to run into some problems, no matter what kind of expensive tool you purchase at the hardware store. In contrast, a professional AC technician has the knowledge and experience to inspect your unit, make proper repairs, and leave without a scratch on your home. You and your toolbox, however, may run into some messes, breaks, or air conditioning scares along the way.

Some homeowners who attempt to solve an AC issue themselves often end up facing a larger repair bill or a high energy bill. They refuse to call the experts, so they make the repair themselves and decide to “wait and see” how the unit performs. This is harmful because you could be losing out on energy efficiency and money when you “wait and see” how your DIY solution worked out.

When you use a professional team like Buddy’s A-1, you know you’re getting the right help the first time. Plus, our friendly technicians can give you some insider tips to help conserve energy and save you money. We install both Carrier and Trane systems, providing you with top-of-the-line products and guarantees.

To check out our AC installations and to learn more, give Buddy’s A-1 Air Conditioning & Heating a call today!