You’ve heard of furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters. These systems in your home support your daily routine and are essential features of any apartment or home. However, when it comes to cooling your home, there’s another model you should know about—the mini-split unit.

When it comes to keeping your home cool, you want to know about every option available. A standard air conditioner may not be the perfect fit for your family, your home’s layout, or your geographic area. Read on to learn more about mini-split air conditioners and how they can improve your cooling and help lower your energy bills.

A technician installs a multi-split unit next to a home here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


We’ll keep it simple: a mini-split air conditioner is called mini-split because there are dual features to it: indoor and outdoor components. A mini-split unit allows you to control temperatures in individual rooms rather than cooling the entire house to the same temperature. These units take up less space than traditional AC systems, making them a great choice for some homeowners. The outdoor component of a mini-split unit keeps all the noise outdoors, while the indoor components work quietly to cool your home.

You may wonder what size unit you need, or how much these units will cost you. For that, you’ll need to call in the professionals at Buddy’s A-1.  You can get a free estimate on your new cooling system and receive answers to your questions from our experienced team members. The team at Buddy’s A-1 has been serving Louisiana for years and knows how to handle your HVAC systems the right way.


A mini-split unit involves easy installation—one small hole (3in.) in the wall is all that’s needed for the conduit line. Using remote technology, you can set the temperature for individual rooms in your home, depending on how cool you’d like the room to be. These remotes are convenient for out-of-reach units and make controlling the temperature easy! For example, you can have your kitchen set to a cool 68 degrees while the presently unused guest room stays at 75 degrees. With mini-split units, you are in control!

These systems have little-to-no ductwork, making it ideal for new rooms, home add-ons, or homes without existing ductwork—such as historic properties. Less ducts also means less chance to lose energy through those ducts, making mini-split systems ultra-efficient. Traditional duct-based systems can lose up to 30% of the energy transported through them due to faulty installation, holes, or leaks. If you don’t currently have ducts, consider a mini-split system instead of dishing out thousands of dollars to install central air with complicated and invasive duct installation.


If you’re interested in a mini-split system, it’s important to do your homework. Thorough research is an important step in making sure this model is right for your home. Only a professional team with experienced technicians can deliver the knowledge and know-how to keep your home comfortable and protected. That’s why Buddy’s A-1 is the right choice for the job! We are premier HVAC providers, licensed and experienced to repair, replace, and install units in your home.

Why survive during the summer when you can thrive? Air conditioning can be the number one source of comfort in your home, if treated correctly. When you schedule regular maintenance and make your AC system a top priority on your homeowner checklist, you’re adding years to the lifespan of your system. Too often, homeowners neglect their AC units or attempt risky DIY repairs, only to pay even more money down the road for breakdown repairs. When you call Buddy’s A-1, you’re making the right step toward a cooler home and a lower energy bill.


Whether you decide on a mini-split system, a standard air conditioner, or another model, the technicians at Buddy’s A-1 have your back. We can answer any HVAC question you may have and give you helpful tips on how to conserve energy, save money, and stay comfortable. Before you choose an HVAC provider, check out our local reviews to learn why more locals work with Buddy’s A-1 than any other HVAC company!
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