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DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance

The best way to make sure your AC is healthy is to schedule a San Antonio air conditioning tune-up every year. Qualified technicians can use their expertise to make sure there are no repairs looming and your settings are primed for your comfort. However, homeowners have a lot of power over their AC health as well.

Climate Magic believes that the best practices for your air conditioner’s health start with an informed homeowner. While our technicians are always available to help you, there are some great ways you can make an efficient AC.

Outdoor Unit

Clear Debris

Your outdoor unit can collect tree branches or leaves over time that can impede it or speed up its deterioration. Every now and then, go outside and clear away any debris that is around your unit. There should be about 2 feet of clear space around your unit to allow for proper air intake.


The outside of your unit or the metal fins may collect grime on them. Gently rinse off this dirt collection with a hose or soft cloth to allow the system to operate efficiently. This is a delicate part of your system so do not use harsh cleaner or powerful streams of water.

Visual Assessment

When something is off with your outdoor AC unit, it is usually pretty obvious. You can do a visual check to find out if anything is out of place or not working correctly. This is a good time to listen to a cooling cycle in case any concerning noises are happening in the outside unit.

Indoor Unit

Check Air Filters

Your AC’s air filters are an important part of preventative AC maintenance. When all the dirt and dust is caught in your filters, it can cause strain on your AC system’s performance. Plus, your air quality will suffer when all those particles reenter your breathable air.

Clear Condensate Lines

The moisture in your AC unit is funneled out of your unit by a drain tube. That tube can get blocked by dirt or algae as well as be knocked loose. Periodically check the tube for clogs and attempt to clear them so that moisture can exit the unit properly. 

Clean Coils

The coils inside your unit are essential for the cooling process to occur. Over time dirt and air particles can stick to the coils and form a grime. If this layer is not cleaned, your coils could form frost and stop the cooling process. If you feel comfortable with cleaning your coils, this could really help keep your AC healthy.


Your thermostat is the connection between what you want and your AC’s performance. Double check the power source and connection every now and then – especially if you suspect a problem between the two. You can even power off and on the system and thermostat to give it a chance to reboot.

Need AC Maintenance Advice?

If you feel incapable or uneasy about performing any of the DIY maintenance tasks, you can always contact us. Climate Magic is always willing to help you learn more about your cooling system or assist you in maintaining your unit. Ready for expert AC tune-up services? Give us a call!

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We are loyal customers. Anytime we have had A/C issues, Climate Magic has been very responsive. Martin took good care of our system even though we were overdue for a new unit. When we were finally ready to upgrade, they were able to schedule us in quickly. Peter and Ernie did a fantastic job on our new install! They are very knowledgeable and thorough. High quality company.

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Climate Magic installed my a/c unit years ago! They have been professional, courteous and prompt to fix any problems I have had over the years. The latest was last week when my a/c stopped working in 100+ degree weather! My technician was there in about an hour, and the unit was fixed within an hour. Thank you for keeping me cool!!!

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