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5 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

April 21, 2021 | Blog

When it comes to your home’s heating and cooling system, it is no question that you want the best air quality. However, your system can collect dust that requires regular cleaning. Climate Magic wants your home’s air to be as clean and comfortable as possible. To keep your indoor air quality top-notch check out these five tips!

1. Changing your air filters

Changing your air filters about every 3-6 months is a simple way you can help the indoor air quality without having to call professionals. While the amount of build-up that the air filter catches can vary based on the number of residents and pets in the home, it is still beneficial to get in this routine. Air filters will catch all the dust and dander coming into your system but if it builds up for too long those particles will be less likely to be filtered.

2.Installing an air purification system

Indoor air purification systems can help if you are particularly irritated by allergies. These machines can be placed inside the home and will be an extra layer of filtration before the air comes out to you. This will help cut down on the allergens in the air and hopefully give you relief.

3.Get some fresh air

Opening your windows and doors every once and a while will help fresh air filter through your home. This can get musty smells out and give the air a lighter feel. While this might want to be limited if the allergy count is high outside, it is still good to crack a window sometimes.

4.Keep your house clean

Having a clean home is an important factor in better air quality. Dust, pet dander, and even mold can accumulate in your home so regular cleaning will help minimize those things. Good cleaning habits include vacuuming carpets and cleaning hardwood/tile floors. Along with regularly washing fabric items such as blankets, curtains, and other heavily used items in the home.

5.Duct cleaning and inspection

Similar to why you should change your air filters, you should get your air ducts cleaned. These systems will catch more pollutants coming in from outside. This cleaning will get rid of those particles so they won’t blow into your home over time. There is also the potential for mold to grow in them so regular cleaning is good.

While your ducts are being cleaned you can also have an overall inspection and AC tune-up done to ensure the other elements of your AC system are functioning to the best of their abilities.

Climate Magic wants to help you breathe easier in your San Antonio home by helping with your indoor air quality. Contact us to request service and see what other indoor air quality services are offered.

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