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Heating and Cooling Resources

At Climate Magic our professionals have over 100 years of combined experience. Our goal is not only to make you comfortable, happy customers with smoothly running heating and cooling systems, but also to help you become informed homeowners and business managers. Below are several great resources to learn more about energy-efficient equipment and how to understand its rating system, as well as some heat pump specifics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEER and What Does It Have to Do With Energy Efficiency?

The air conditioning and heating industry uses a measure known as “SEER” to rate the energy efficiency of air conditioners (“SEER” is an acronym for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”). In simple terms, the higher the SEER ratio, the greater the amount of cooling that the system provides for each unit of electricity used. What does this mean to you as a homeowner?

SEER Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an air conditioner capable of also providing heating for your home by reversing the normal flow of refrigerant within the system. Learn more about how a heat pump works.

Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful HVAC Articles

As referred to in our Newsletter: “High Tech” vs. “Low Tech” (For what it's worth)